Earth Wisdom Alliance is evolving. We catalyze and connect groups and individuals to take action at the intersections of environmental resilience, social justice, and entrepreneurship..


Earth Wisdom Alliance envisions a world where:

  • Food is nourishing and free of synthetic chemicals and genetic modifications.
  • Water is plentiful and safe to drink from the faucet.
  • Communities are connected, thriving socio-cultural hubs.
  • Individuals are equipped and inspired to act on bringing forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.
  • The Earth and all its inhabitants are healthy, happy, peaceful, and living in balance.

Leadership Changes in December 2013

For more than a year, Earth Wisdom Alliance has been in transition.  Although we have broadened our mission, we continue to facilitate and promote the initiatives of the Pachamama Alliance, from which our inspiration emerged.  In the Summer of 2013, the board of directors put out a call for proposals for new leadership and a vision for Earth Wisdom Alliance’s next stage of development.  One of the original co-founders and former board member, Angela Hamilton, was re-elected to the board as President.  She brings a vision for local and global food security, water security, community resilience, and human well-being by developing sustainability leaders and sponsoring projects at the intersections of social justice, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship.


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